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Welcome to our intergenerational environment, where the essence of the 21st century is captured through a seamless blend of beauty, safety, serenity, education, and recreation. Our vision is to create a space that not only celebrates the changing seasons and the pride in our past but also embraces the uniqueness of our present and the hope of our future. As part of our commitment to fostering a well-rounded experience, we encourage you to embark on the journey of traveling and exploring the world, discovering new horizons and immersing yourself in diverse cultures.

The Beauty of Travel:

Traveling is more than just a way to see new places; it is an opportunity for personal growth, enlightenment, and connection. As you venture beyond the confines of your familiar surroundings, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Each destination has its story, its history, and its unique charm. From the bustling streets of Milan to the ancient ruins of Rome, the enchanting alleys of Turin to the coastal wonders of Genoa, Italy offers a plethora of experiences that cater to every traveler's soul.

Safety and Security:

Ensuring the safety and security of our visitors is our top priority. We understand the concerns that might arise while planning a trip to new destinations. That's why we have meticulously curated travel guides that address your queries about safety in Milan, Rome, Turin, and Genoa.

  • Is Milan Safe? - Click here to find out more about the safety measures and tips to make the most of your visit to Milan.
  • Is Rome Safe? - Click here to access comprehensive safety guidelines and recommendations for exploring the eternal city with peace of mind.
  • Is Turin Safe? - Click here for insights into the safety measures and precautions that will enable you to embrace the magic of Turin worry-free.
  • Is Genoa Safe? - Click here to discover the safety aspects that will allow you to bask in the maritime charm of Genoa without any apprehensions.

Calm and Reflective Retreats:

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, it is essential to find moments of tranquility and reflection. Our intergenerational environment provides a haven where you can immerse yourself in serene surroundings, contemplating the wonders of nature and the significance of our interconnectedness.

Education and Recreation:

Learning is a lifelong journey, and we aim to foster an atmosphere that encourages both formal and informal education. From engaging workshops and talks by knowledgeable experts to recreational activities that promote holistic development, there is something for everyone to explore and learn from.

Embark on an Adventure:

As you delve into the rich tapestry of our intergenerational environment, we invite you to spread your wings and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Traveling and exploring the world offer a gateway to self-discovery, and we believe that the experiences gained from these journeys enrich our lives, leaving us with memories to cherish for generations to come.

Let this be the beginning of your voyage towards a future filled with hope, curiosity, and a profound appreciation for the world's wonders. Together, let's create memories and stories that intertwine the past, present, and future, making our intergenerational haven truly extraordinary.

Our mission: To create an intergenerational environment for the 21st century that is beautiful, safe and secure, calm and reflective, educational and recreational - a setting that tells the story of our changing seasons, our pride in our past, the uniqueness of our present, and the hope of our future.

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Attend a Garden event, have lunch with a friend, or simply enjoy some quiet time in the garden’s splendor.  Free admission and handicapped accessible.

Our Gardens


Set on the site of a former school, this expertly designed space was planted and is maintained by volunteers. Stroll along winding pathways and explore the beauty of nearly three acres of themed flower beds, ponds, and stream beds.

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Architectural and natural beauty combine to create an outstanding and unique location for your event.  A variety of rental options exist.




Check out the fun and educational Walk & Talk lecture series; formal and informal learning opportunities all summer long.

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We depend upon the support of our generous community of friends, neighbors, and visitors to help us grow.

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